Lake Tapps Almost Full!

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In the course of my job managing property over the last several years, I've often spoken with the Operations Manager at Cascade Water Alliance about their plans for lake levels and other such things.  I currently manage about 32 acres of waterfront property, including a swimming area, boat launch, piers and floating docks. Because I care for a floating dock system, it is very much in my interest to know what is happening with Lake Tapps. 

A few weeks ago I spoke with Cascade Water Alliance reps and found out that they were only waiting for water volume in the White River to start filling the lake. At the time, it was too cold for snow melt and rain was minimal, so, the filling was slow. This is no longer the case! With recent rain and temperature increases, the White River has swollen and Lake Tapps is filling quickly! As of this writing, Lake Tapps is at 540' above mean sea level (msl), just 3 feet short of being full to the brim!

In the last 36 hours the lake has risen 1 foot! If that fill rate continues, we will reach full on April 12, 2018, two days before CWA's target date of April 14th. 

Thank you Rain! 

Check the Current Level of Lake Tapps Here!